music available on spotify, itunes, etc.

music available on spotify, itunes, etc.

to: the wanna-be world changers


We all want to make a difference. We want to move, shake and change the world--for the better of others of course. 

This desire buries itself in big dreams and hopeful goals--whispers of next year and next time--hope sitting within the thought of a better tomorrow. 

I feel like everywhere I turn someone is trying to sell me something that'll "change my life." I get caught up in it too.  Maybe if I can write and create a record that has meaningful lyrics and tells powerful stories, I'll matter.  Maybe if I get an interesting degree and a cool job, I'll matter.  Maybe if, maybe if, maybe when.

I don't know about you but these are definitely the stories I tell myself.

But then I walk down the basement steps at my parent's house and see my dad sitting at his computer, working.  His job isn't glamorous, he doesn't even enjoy it! But he's serving his family.  He's doing what God has put in front of him right now.

I love when people say, "do what you love," "follow your dreams" and "don't wait for your dreams to come true." I think there's merit and truth behind all those things--but I don't think they can become the main motivator in our lives if we actually want to make a difference in the world.

I would love to someday win a grammy.  I would love to someday start a non-profit that changes people's lives. But today, God asks me to nanny a nine-year-old girl and love on friends who have become like family to me.  I'll get up early and work on my songs. I'll even pray for those someday, maybe chances to live out my dreams. But I can remember that God remembers those dreams. He remembers and honestly, he has more power to accomplish those things through me than I do.  So why worry about the outcomes that I believe could change the world? 

Every time I've asked God where he wants me and followed through, I see him changing the world around me piece by piece, person by person through simple obedience.  I think my dreams have a greater chance at coming true when I'm taking instruction for the Creator of the Universe my dreams live within.  

to: the fog

from: port-au-prince, haiti